Buyer Protection Program

Kiiye’s top priority is buyer satisfaction, which is why we strive to provide you with the best freelance services available.

Here are the Five Principles we follow at Kiiye to protect the interests of our buyers:

Buyer Obsession

  • Kiiye strives to provide you uncompromising quality at the lowest prices on the market.

  • Kiiye sellers are required to handle orders in full accordance with Kiiye’s terms. Those terms include: following the job description, order requirements, and any agreed terms via the Kiiye chat on your order page.

  • Any disputes or disagreements about a Kiiye description or any communications between you and sellers will be resolved in your favor.

Premium Quality

  • You are entitled to a complete and fully functioning product free of errors, bugs, or any defects that may prevent its full intended use.

  • Work delivered to you must be as good as or better than the work displayed in the seller’s portfolio.

On the Dot

  • You can cancel an order within 20 minutes of placing it—no questions asked.

  • Kiiye guarantees you a full and automatic refund if a seller does not accept an order within 24 hours.

  • Sellers must complete orders on time. If a seller misses a deadline, you can cancel the order and instantly receive a full refund into your wallet.

Always on Your Side

  • You can send any submitted work back for revision until it meets the order requirements.

  • If you are not satisfied with the delivery even after multiple revisions, you can initiate arbitration for a full refund into your wallet under Kiiye’s Money-back Guarantee.

  • If a seller delivers incomplete work or if the work does not reflect the standards displayed in their portfolio, the order will be canceled immediately. You can choose to receive a full refund into your wallet, in which case the product rights remain with the seller, or a partial refund, in which case the product rights are transferred to you.

Trust Is Earned

  • You have the right to leave a review for each order, except after requesting additional services without paying for them.

  • Cancelations initiated by sellers result in negative reviews.

  • Positive reviews increase a Kiiye’s ratings, while negative reviews reduce them. Kiiyes with strong ratings rank higher in the Marketplace, whereas Kiiyes with lower ratings are pushed down the listings. This ensures that the Kiiyes you see are always fulfilled by top-notch, vetted sellers.

  • Once you leave a negative review, the seller cannot contact you directly or on the order page without your consent.


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